To put an end to domestic violence by providing social and emotional support services and educating the community.


Youth impacted by domestic violence have the support and tools necessary to grow into productive citizens in a community intent on ending the cycle of abuse.

The Problem

The Problem

All children and youth who live with domestic violence and/or family abuse are affected by the experience. The nature and extent of the effects vary greatly. Some children are severely traumatized while others are able to cope well, and go on to live healthy, productive lives.

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Our Contribution

Our Contribution

We have chosen to provide services directed at children and youth impacted by family and domestic violence because they are the most innocent and vulnerable victims of other people’s poor decisions.  Our services involve crisis intervention, donated items and community awareness campaigns.

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You Can Help

You Can Help

Yes, there is a role you can play.  Training and previous experience is not a requirement, but good communication, organization skills and a regular commitment is. There are no set hours or days but whatever time you are able to give will make a huge difference to the children and young people  we support.

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You can empower voices of hope and lasting change in youth impacted by family and domestic violence.

“I’m not ashamed of my story because
I know it will inspire others.”

There is no excuse for abuse.

Children and youth who are exposed to domestic violence experience emotional, mental, and social damage that can affect their developmental growth.   We have seen its impact and are here to be a voice of hope.

Corey Dooley

Corey Dooley – Scholarship Recipient

“I do not consider myself a victim but a survivor, I thank God for a second chance at life and I will live it to glorify Him!”

Indeed, Corey Dooley and his mom, brother and sister are survivors of domestic violence after his mom’s ex-husband ambushed them one night, firing shots into their car.  Four bullets hit Corey’s body, leaving him in a coma for days . . . his hopes for an NFL career in professional football, shattered.

Our Impact

We have joined the movement to put an end to domestic violence.

COUNSELING: Provided children and youth impacted by domestic and family violence access to professional counseling and peer group support.
ADOPTED FAMILIES: Provided Christmas gifts, basic need donations and school supplies to families seeking safety in family shelters.
AWARENESS: Reached children and youth with a message of domestic violence awareness and ending the cycle of abuse.

Community Partners

Illustrious Angels Youth & Family Services joins with community leaders, police departments, shelters, juvenile detention centers, the criminal justice department and other concerned citizens to provide education about domestic violence and the effects it has on future generations and our communities.

Hear from Tasha Johnson, representing one of our strategic partners – Promise House.

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